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Forum Guidelines

If English is not your first language please use Google translator.

The Golden Rule is that you show respect. Show respect to the trade, and to other respected members, colleagues, and other respected communities (fora, blogs). Comments that are inflammatory and disrespectful are vehemently discouraged. Strong differences of opinion are to be expected, but please express your disagreement nicely and respectfully.

If you feel that a post is disrespectful, please report it for moderation by clicking on the exclamation mark at the bottom left of the post rather than responding to it, moderating it on your own in public, or anything else that places yourself at risk of being sucked into a flame war. However, discussion of moderation decisions in public is also not allowed.

The Professional Fora

This is a protected area for members of the trade, and their apprentices. You will need to apply for an upgrade to Professional Status to be able to post in this area. Please contact the Administrator explaining your background so that you can be upgraded to Professional or Advanced Apprentice Status.

When signing up you will be asked a question to test if you have read these Guidelines. Answer professional status to this question:

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What do you need to apply for so you can post in the Professional Fora? Answer = professional status

Other members of the garment making business eg shirtmakers, tiemakers, shoemakers, garment manufacturers, fashion designers, as well as textile business people are also highly welcome. Please contact the administrator explaining your background so you can be granted Professional Status.

If you wish to start a professional technical thread please apply for Professional Status rather than starting a thread in a forum where it does not belong, as the thread is likely to be deleted.

If you do not qualify for Professional (or Advanced Apprentice) Status standard Members can still post in the Basic Apprentice's Forum.

For further information see this thread.

Respect the Workmanship and Opinions of Colleagues

Do not rubbish the workmanship of other colleagues (both forum members and non-members). It is better to constructively criticise how you think it can be improved. Do not rubbish the opinion of others. It is better to calmly and objectively argue your alternative viewpoint. It is an admission of defeat to allow yourself to be reduced to putting others down just to prop up your own case. If you disagree with someone please respectfully explain why, rather than bluntly telling them they are an idiot or that they are talking rubbish. Debate with the strengths of your argument rather than the harshness of your insults.

There is a long tradition in the tailoring business of talking down your rivals, and hiding trade secrets. Please leave this tradition behind you when you enter here. The Cutter and Tailor aims at being a friendly and open forum where professionals can share their ideas, and learn from each other without fear of being shouted down.

Obstructing the Flow of Discussion

It is best to avoid statements that block the flow of discussion with short statements such as "is this a joke?", "you are wrong - end of story", "nonsense", "rubbish!". It is preferable to politely explain your disagreement because it maintains the flow of discussion better.

Connoisseurs of the Bespoke Arts

Bespeakers seeking advice or informed discussion about bespoke tailoring are encouraged to post in the Connoisseurs Advice Corner. All members are further welcome to discuss aesthetic of the bespoke arts in the L'Anglomane.

Apprentices and Homesewers (both men and women's garments)

Beginners can only post in the Basic Apprentices' Forum. Please read the guidelines

In particular, please note that only skirts, trousers and waistcoats (vests) may be discussed in the Basic Apprentices' Forum. Only those whose work has been judged good enough will be promoted to the status of Advanced Apprentice. This will confer you access to the Advanced Apprentice's Forum where coatmaking is allowed to be discussed.

Tailoring vs Dressmaking

This forum is devoted to perpetuating the art of the tailor which is under threat of imminent extinction, whereas, by way of comparison, dressmaking continues on. While discussion of ladies tailored skirts, suits and coats are encouraged, discussions about dressmaking are generally regarded as being just a tiny bit off topic (though not in an unpleasant way).


The official language is English. However, members can post in any other language only if someone volunteers to be an English language translator. This is all that is asked:

A: My English is poor. Does someone here speak French/Italian etc?
B: Yes, I can translate for you

Non-English text accompanying patterns and technical diagrams used to illustrate posts need not be translated.

You can also use Babelfish or Google Translator to translate things to and from your native language.

Focus of Interest

No discussions that deviate way off the main forum focus of interest, eg those that involve politics, religion, current affairs etc. Discussion that deviates excessively into general discussion may be locked or deleted. Non-tailoring sewing topics such as quilt making, and curtain making are outside of the scope of the forum.


The Cutter and Tailor Forum is about modern fashion and is not a costume forum. Like all forums, this one has its identity and its focus of interest. This is strictly a site dedicated to professional grade modern fashion tailored garments.

Most importantly Steam Punk, Nazi, Fantasy Enactment, Halloween, Teddy Boys, Goth, BDSM, Cosplay, vampire, or circus costumes do not belong in this forum. Likewise, costume for period re-enactments whether for the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, or other war enactments do not belong here. This forum is devoted solely to elegant professional grade tailoring, in cuts that are stylish in a modern setting.

Garment making that crosses over into costume making is considered as much outside the focus of this forum as quilt or curtain making.


No unauthorised advertising or self-promotion is allowed. Surreptitious advertising methods in which a poster posts only to link to an affiliated website is not permitted.

However, a single link in your signature to your professional website or blog is permitted.

Bespoke tailors, shirtmakers, tiemakers and shoemakers are welcome to introduce themselves to prospective clients in the Connoisseur's Forum. Please note the following guidelines:

1. Tell us who you are and introduce yourself (please avoid pushy salesmanship)
2. Make clear your business model eg bespoke, made to order
3. Make clear your place of manufacture eg handmade onsite
4. Show us your workmanship. Just stating "buy from us we are the best in the world" is not enough - we want to be able to see the quality of your work.

The selling or promoting ready-to-wear will be permitted only where items are of the highest quality. Paid advertising is not accepted on this forum.

No thread bumping!!!


When typing out posts please follow basic netiquette such as not posting all in CAPITAL letters and avoiding shorthand eg 'u' in place of 'you'. Remember that it is easier to come across the wrong way on the internet because non-verbal aspects of communication are missing (tone of voice, body language). It is important to be more polite and tactful than in real life, rather than less just because there is no face to face contact.

Member Accounts

Each member may only have one user name/account. Members are not permitted to open multiple accounts. Displays names must not be inoffensive and not contain openly political, religious, or explicit terms nor refer to illegal activity such as drug taking.


Avatars are permitted but as long as they are unobjectionable. Avatars and signatures of an explicit, political or religious nature are not permitted, along with any that are distasteful or contrary to other forum guidelines.


For further assistance please also refer to the Help page.