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Help Topic: You can't start a new thread in the Professional Fora

You need to apply for an upgrade to Professional Status before you are able to post (reply to or start a new thread) in the Professional Fora. The Professional Fora are protected and only members of the tailoring profession are allowed to post there. You will have to your membership upgraded to Professional Status to gain access. To see what your status is look at your profile and look at what Group you belong to. If it says "Professional" then you have Professional Status. If you are a tailor or a tailor's apprentice please contact the forum Administrator (either a private message to me or via email) so you can be be granted access to the Professional Fora.Members of related professions are also welcome: shirtmakers, tiemakers, dressmakers, tailoring supply sellers, cloth merchants, textile industry and anyone else involved in the garment manufacturing business.If you qualify for Professional Status please contact me telling me a little bit about who you are, and your professional background. It is preferred (though not absolutely necessary) that you have a professional website or blog to tell us who you are.Lastly, information about gaining access to the Professional Fora is found in the Forum Guidelines. All new members are ask to read the forum guidelines because they contain vital information about how to use the forum.

To make you aware of the need to apply for an upgrade, you answered "professional status" to the following question as you signed up:

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For further information about who is eligible to apply for an upgrade to Professional Status, please re-read the Guidelines, or refer to the following thread:


You answered "yes" to the above question to register. You also agreed to read the Guidelines on signing up, where things are also explained. There are messages stuck everywhere around the forum explaining the need to apply for an upgrade to Professional Status. The system should be adequately "idiot proofed". So, if the first thing you do after becoming a member of the forum is to send an email to the Administrator asking why you can't post in the Professional Fora, you will not receive a reply, because it shows you have not read the forum Guidelines. Please take this opportunity to read the forum Guidelines.

If English is not your first language please use Google translator:http://translate.google.com/#