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Help Topic: Are you having trouble with reCAPTCHA?

At the bottom of the registration form you will find the reCAPTCHA security feature (this is created by Google and cannot be altered).

Some people are getting confused about what to do with the reCAPTCHA box. It will look something like this:

Posted Image

All you have to do is enter the two words EXACTLY as they appear to you. In this example the two words are "studo Book". Type in the box shown by the arrow where it says "Type the two words":

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Only type the two words in this answer box. Do not write the two words in any other answer box. For example do not enter the words in the box for your email address. If you cannot read the two reCAPTCHA words, try refreshing the reCAPTCHA box until you can:

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What NOT to Do:

Do not think that this a secret question. Do not think that you needed to read some special instruction so that you know the secret answer. Do not think there is a trick. Do not enter "yes". Do not enter "no". Do not enter "cool bananas baby".

Just do what the reCAPTCHA instructions say and type in the two words EXACTLY as they appear. In our example the two words were "studo Book":

Posted Image

However, in your case, the two words will be different. So just type whatever two words that you see, EXACTLY as they appear before you.

If you are still having trouble you should try to find some child or teenager to help you. Tell them that no special programming skills are required. Most ten years old will get it right the first time. If the ten year old can't do it find a twelve year old - or a smarter eight year old.