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NOS Coricama quality?

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#1 Andriano



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Posted 07 March 2018 - 09:32 AM

I lurk a lot and practice some.  After a year, I am ready to purchase my first pair of quality 13"-ish shears. 


A local shop has a vintage Coricama set for around $135. I dont know a lot of the brand and most of the posts here seem to relate to Wiss, Wilkenson or the StyleForum ICAR pair.   I have the funds for the ICAR pair if I wanted but feel I could get a very nice proper shears and possibly a middle length for that price. 


Would someone be kind enough to point me to information or happen to know about the Coricama shears?  I am guessing they are from the 1960's or 1970's from what the lady was saying.   Seems google searchs bring up switchblade knives mostly for the company and very little in regard to their shears. 


Also, due to a recent thread, I would be interested in the 13.5 inch Wilkinson shears, as an alternative if these aren't really a lifetime pair. 


Thanks in advance



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#2 Steelmillal



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Posted 09 March 2018 - 09:53 PM

With respect, and opinions may differ, but shears are tools, not trophies. They're money makers.

Reading what the internet holds on the company and having knifemaking knowledge of high carbon stainless, plus you state it's in your budget, I'd say go for it.

Try to test to cut on material you intend to use. How's the fit in your hand? Is opening "easy" in hands? I regret selling a Wiss5 that felt "alive" when cutting. I see old junk sometimes that won't cut cheese sell for nearly the price you state on eBay.

I have looked at the new Wilkinsons that are being developed. Those look like an amazing product, but as yet unproven and not realeased.

Fast search on amezon Italia for wiss w22n, and shows half price of the coricama you know of. Over here in USA, for price of one yours, I can get 2 22s and 1 10, all wiss trimmer. Apples and oranges. I'd get them and treat them well, IFF they cut well out of the box BEFORE purchase. Plus may be easy to return to factory for tuneup sometime. Best rgds.

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