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How to Gain Entry into the Professional Fora

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Posted 13 March 2011 - 11:18 PM

The Professional Fora are protected and only members of the tailoring profession are allowed to post there. You will have apply to have your membership upgraded to Professional Status to gain access here.

If you are a tailor or a tailor's apprentice please contact me (either a private message to me or via email) so you can be be granted access to the Professional Fora.

If you qualify for Professional Status please contact me telling me a little bit about who you are, and your professional background. It is preferred (though not absolutely necessary) that you have a professional website or blog to tell us who you are.

Members of related professions are also welcome: shirtmakers, tiemakers, dressmakers, tailoring supply sellers, cloth merchants and other textile industry and anyone else involved in the garment manufacturing business.

Please do not start technical tailoring threads in other fora, where it is inappropriate just because you don't have access to the professional fora, as these may be locked or deleted.

Information about gaining access to the Professional Fora is found in the Forum Guidelines. All new members are ask to read the forum guidelines because they contain vital information about how to use the forum.

Despite every effort to get members of the trade to understand the need to apply to have their membership upgraded to Professional Status to post in the Professional Fora, new members keep asking why they can't post here.

The need to apply for an upgraded membership with Professional Status was included in the Terms of Agreement when you signed up. On signing up you were asked to read the Guidelines before posting, because this, and other useful information, is also found there. A large post is kept at the top of the Professional Forum to explain it. Another thread has now been pinned in the Announcements Forum to explain this.

I imagine people will still ask why they can't post in the Professional Fora. However, every effort has been made to try to bring this to your attention, and it is not for want to trying. To help encourage new members to understand the need to apply for the upgrade to Professional Status, when signing up the following challenge question will be asked:

Yes/No. Do you need to apply for Professional Status to post in the Professional Fora?

The answer to this question is obviously "yes".

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