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..but where are the explanations on here for why this art is so intoxicating as to make me insane with pleasure?

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Posted 06 January 2018 - 12:07 PM

i just joined here and expect to be banished sooner or later because i love the grouchy love and protection here of an art that Sator himself said is in a "death spiral." i hate the internet and found this site because i'm famished for more on the art of loving men with no choices of style and expression in stores, in an artistic way that is way more satisfying than books performances cartooning.. .ANY of it ever was. i love making someone more of who they are.


anyhow, i know this site is devoted to the art of bespoke tailoring (and is couture considered girly lowly otherly even though no one says so in this age of rampant b.s.? how did we get so horribly separated at birth when it is the same devotion to the same exact gods?), and thus i get that this very site's existence is its own love letter to the arts--i get that; but i swoon at a what? a seven-page i think thread devoted to thimbles and hand sewing techniques and whether to tie your middle finger down or not? oh my lord... i had to take a break and come back in bites because i was getting ice cream head aches from such detailed advice and now i want a thimble of my own one day. i wanna tie my finger down like TAKE THAT.


and as an artist i have felt the same magic compression of time when i've emulated a michelangelo drawing in a plain lead pencil for mere artistic practice. ha! i got more / i felt a mystical connection as i feel when reading young men agonizing over the art of SEWING or the other girl with the french name who spends all her time here instead of actually sewing--she loves the ART of it and you can almost feel her eyes roll back in her head to hear you sweet tailors tell her tales of how you learned to SEW! she says she's not female or male but she takes criticism like a girl and gets all emotional. i was taught to suck it up if i'm gonna hang at the urinals so i wanna say, "hush! they'll banish us and clean house! have you read Sator's messages that're like blockade after blockade in indiana jones movies so we deserve the golden challice???"


i digress.. but not REALLY...


what have i happened on here?


am i even supposed to POST this? will i get banned? so be it! this art is too beautiful and i hate the internet but this is beautiful and it is so FUNNY HILARIOUS that photobucket has rendered this art even MORE mysterious with their greedy trickster ways. i live in san francisco... the internet companies got away with pure murder at how they got this town for nothing.


but still... this art survives and people supplement photo bucket's greed with pdf books that're like thowing golden challices out into the audience like panties, and i love Sator's rage at us riff raff for trying to get in the sacred hall. i know, but it's GOOD. sex was better when you had to scavenge hard for your porn. somehow you've managed to create the same shroud of mystery even on the internet which has killed everything sacred that we had left. porn included.


but photo bucket ..that is too horribly funny. Sator... you MUST laugh at that. despite your best efforts to share and create community for the future of the trade, our gods are gonna make people hunt this info down and HARD. it's like religion. you can sing on sunday but you've gotta lose your mind and go into the spirit and dribble horribly to get what half of this ecstasy of living is about if you're gonna commune with god.


back to this art of tailoring: it's holy because you MAKE people. you truly make them. you touch them, you bring out the best in them in a harsh world where it's vulnerable to be human. money is exchanged but every hand stitch is a prayer. i get it.


and this is how the best of you men LOVE your women (and thus everyone).


it's church, this stuff. so don't get so mad at the seeming time wasters lurking here with visions of skipping onto coats (i'm 50 and only so much time left on this planet so i've decided to take the "erika tradition" route and create my own version of tailoring so that i can say, "the italians have their way, the british theirs, and erika has HERS. screw you." so love us over-emotional riff raff.. for we are the ones who can EXPLAIN this stuff to the made in china hoi polloi when they venture out into the world for something that'll LAST. because this stuff is apparently seeming to have a resurgence in the age of ubiquitous b.s. and made in china irrelevance.


all over the world money is harder to come by and so are jobs as we get automated into homelessness so cash local businesses are gonna have to make a come back if you're not into trying to run sort of in front of a little train so's you can collect disability like so many people are now that you can't get on welfare here in the U.S. / and the reason i got into doing this is because you can't offshore this. and look at this post... i'm 50 and after being self employed (barely) most of my life i'm thoroughly unemployable.


so this is my hello letter of introduction in a way, and i promise to honor whatever i learn here and use these powers for good. this is probably the last you'll hear of me because i want to read and take everything IN.


but seriously... if there's a philosophy thread on people explaining just WHY this stuff is so maddeningly intoxicating i would love to know of it. it's like magic powers but of love. i know this sounds crazy but that's just because i'm saying out loud what the rest of you are already thinking all the time. yeah.. the love letters are in the descriptions to novices, yes!


they're making artisinal pickles and playing records again in this age of digital "you're KIDDING me" b.s.. tell me tailoring and couture aren't just ACHING to make a real and true come back. tell me. i dare you...


thank you for your profound unfathomable knowledge that seems like a connection across TIME and HUMANITY... i mean cuts of SLEEVES tell you about how people MOVED. how they STOOD. it's like how dancing a certain dance tells you how OTHER people once felt.


maybe i wrote my own love letter to all this. but i'd appreciate listening to others' poetry. Sator would tell me to shut up and listen. okay. i shall!


happy new year...


erika lopez


p.s. in my forthcoming "erika tailoring" ways, i will not mock what you do by doing it in crappy ways, because i'm doing something entirely different: custom casual jackets for athletic people that're actually designed to be over-the-top and artistically seen from 300 feet away (for real in some crazy appliqued custom bicycle jackets now that i've found $40 a yard reflective good stuff), as my artistic rebellion against the death of my city and the eviction of the artists and freaks who made this place wild and magic. i will incorporate the spirit into the kind of details i design and in my approach, because i'm learning that men who seem to just wear gym clothes actually are very specific and particular when asked. / i have women's and children's ideas, too. my idea is insane but i just might pull it off. i've got nada to lose.

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