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Fit, Fit, and Fit

Posted by Sator , 23 August 2010 · 15,613 views

I've always hated it when people pine about the good ol' days. However, in the sartorial arts, the number of people really skilled at cutting and fitting have become fewer than in the days when tailoring was a thriving trade. There is good evidence that bespoke tailoring in particular has undergone an almost  approximately thousand fold decline in...


Women's Tailoring

Posted by Sator , 14 August 2010 · 45,995 views

One of the dreams I had when starting this forum was to revive interest in the art of ladies' tailoring. I thought that women were interested in clothes, in fashion, and in sewing. To my surprise - my great surprise - I seem to have found myself proven wrong. In fact, there are probably more men posting here regularly than women. There has been no inf...


The Cookbook Approach

Posted by Sator , 05 August 2010 · 6,609 views

Last night I was watching a TV programme about two Michelin rated chefs in Tokyo. Both were good friends from the time they were learning to cook professionally, when they discovered that they both obsessively collected a huge library of cookbooks, amongst them vanishingly rare titles. As time progressed, they moved on from the cookbook approach to a thir...


Welcome to the Cutter & Tailor Blogs

Posted by Sator , 02 August 2010 · 6,887 views
The Cutter and Tailor
Good members make good fora. Our members here are its most important resource. So I am happy to announce this new function. :Party:

The ability to blog here on C&T will be something that Senior Members will have earned a right to. Having our most high profile forum members write their thoughts here in blog form is something that will certainly add a...

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The Cutter and Tailor at Tumblr

It's been quite a while since I blogged here. In any case, here is the Cutter and Tailor blog at the social networking site Tumblr:


Tumblr has a reputation for being the place where a lot of those in the fashion industry hang out, rather than on the mainstream networking sites. The idea is to improve awareness of this forum.