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Posted by Sator , 02 August 2010 · 6,879 views

The Cutter and Tailor
Good members make good fora. Our members here are its most important resource. So I am happy to announce this new function. :Party:

The ability to blog here on C&T will be something that Senior Members will have earned a right to. Having our most high profile forum members write their thoughts here in blog form is something that will certainly add another dimension to the forum. Senior Membership is something that will come automatically to anyone who has contributed 500 or more forum post. Of course, any member who has lots of interesting content to contribute to the forum will be invited to be a blogger here as well, irrespective of their post count.

Of course, this begs that question as to what the relative roles of a Blog vs a Forum are, and when you would post to one and not the other!? To add to it I may install software called IPB Content, which allows Blog, Gallery, and Forum content to be brought together for a contents overview area.

In any case, we are all moving into a brave new world of possibilities.

Aug 03 2010 04:48 AM
This blog business is all new to me, what is the difference between a forum and a blog?
Forums are more for discussion (a thinly veiled euphemism for verbal fisticuffs :Big Grin: :Black Eye: ). A blog is more like a self published internet magazine and is less suited for discussion.

I guess a blog would be better suited for a summary, overview and retrospective commentary on what has happened at the coal face of the forum.

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Tumblr has a reputation for being the place where a lot of those in the fashion industry hang out, rather than on the mainstream networking sites. The idea is to improve awareness of this forum.