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#613 diana.orange



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Posted 06 January 2016 - 10:15 AM


I am a tailor and fashion designer from Germany. After my apprenticeship as a tailer I studied fashion design engineering. My studies were a mixture between pattern cutting, a  good workmanship, technical drawings for the industry and fashion design. I am very interested in high quality garments and the perfect fit. I am mostly interested in womenswear, but only because menswear seems a lot more difficult. At the moment I am making a pattern for a shirt (menswear, classic). During my search for some fit information (yoke construction / shoulder dart / armhole) I found this interesting forum and registered. Hopefully I can exchange some information here with people who are also interested in pattern construction.

Best Regards,


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#614 posaune



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Posted 07 January 2016 - 01:30 AM

Welcome, welcome, Diana. Reinforcement for the ladies front!
But honestly
......I am mostly interested in womenswear, but only because menswear seems a lot more difficult....
are you joking? Okay, I accept : seems
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Posted 08 January 2016 - 07:59 AM


It is great to be a member of this community. So many impressive ressources.

I have been trained as a draper in Paris some 10 years ago but have been working in studios instead of workshops and more and more in processes, product development and collection management etc. than cultivating the craft.

The fingers are tickling though and I wish to regain some skills and not only on draping but also in the much needed pattern-making skills.

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#616 Architect



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Posted 19 January 2016 - 02:31 PM

Hello there,

First, I'm not a tailor, just a mid/late-20s dude trying to pick up a useful skill in my spare time. I've been doing my research on the craft for some time now and thought it was about time I joined this forum to kickstart things a little. 

I'm awaiting the delivery of a copy of Cabrera's Classic Tailoring Techniques for Menswear, and hope to embark developing the basic skills and then my first attempt at crafting a pair of trousers thereafter. 

You may be wondering why I chose to pursue the craft, and the most simple answer is that I have a great appreciation for the bespoke process. As a member of the architectural profession, I have a tremendous respect for creating and detailing one-off items for a specific individual. Tailoring seems the perfect fit as a hobby for someone of my background.

My tailoring goals for 2016 (how realistic they are, only time will tell) are to successfully craft a well fitting pair of trousers and maybe even a waistcoat by the end of the year.

I look forward to sharing the forum with you all on my journey. Any beginner advice would, of course, be greatly appreciated.


Jake L. L.


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#617 AmyW



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Posted 24 January 2016 - 04:42 AM

Hi everyone,


I'm a third year costume student with a strong interest in tailoring and am hoping to progress in that direction (i.e. bespoke/fashion tailoring) rather than working as a general costume maker. I'm currently working on one of my final pieces for my exhibition (in April) which is a replica (or as close as I can get) of a Tommy Nutter suit made for Ringo Starr, although where the methods I'm being taught fall between theatrical and fashion tailoring, I couldn't tell you. Once I graduate, I'm planning on working in theatre for a while to gain some experience and fill up my CV (as well as earn some money), whilst also undertaking some form of class or other instruction in bespoke tailoring, before looking for an apprentice position in London. My ultimate ambition is to move abroad and open my own bespoke tailoring company. Very glad to be a part of this forum - I only found it yesterday and it's already been endlessly helpful!


Looking forward to learning from you all,



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#618 Mars Atratus

Mars Atratus


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Posted Today, 09:03 AM

Hello all,

I just found this forum recently and I am very excited to absorb all I can.

I have been sewing on and off for a while now, but especially in the last few years. I used my first pattern 2 years ago, and made a few dresses for my daughter. There was a pretty steep learning curve, since I didn't know the symbols or lingo yet, but I pushed on determined to make something I could be proud of. Since then I have made shirts, a romper for my wife, bags, and Halloween costumes. I am comfortable with machine sewing and just started to clean and repair machines for myself and friends. But, I never really gave hand sewing much time.

My great-grandfather John DiMario was trained in Torino, Italy as a tailor, and taught children the art in rural Italy. He taught his son and daughter, my Great-Uncle and Grandmother. My Grandmother on the other side of my family was also a dressmaker. This has given me the determination to move forward. I regret not having the time to visit my Great-Uncle before his passing last year and learn from a Master. I live in rural Ohio and there's not much for tailors around here, so this forum will serve me well until I can find someone to apprentice under. I have started to learn using a thimble and I am ready to spend hours and hours and hours working out the basics.

I thank you all in advance for your knowledge and time. It is a great tragedy that this art is dying and I hope to continue to carry the flame.

Mars Atratus
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