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H. Huntsman coats with extra chest bulge?

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 04:48 AM

I quoted it because the defense that the Spanish tailors use is X famous or XX famous comes to me ( while getting their shop plenty of pictures with them ) Instead of arguing my garments are better for A and B ( sure they canīt say that ). So I used the same argument against him.

Do you imagine the best doctor of hemorroids having their place plenty of pictures of the celebrities he cures?


Anyone interested in promoting his or her service has references, and of course, some references have more influence. Why <defence>?
To argue that my service is better would require a comparison. Sometimes this can appear as "before" and "after".

In regard to hemorroids I have no personal experience, nor do I know someone close to me who suffers from them, nor am I in a medical profession. Thus I have had no reason to concern myself with this illness, which I understand to be connected with the circulation of blood in veins. If I were to have hemorroids, I would perhaps consult medical textbooks for more information. The reason a MD does not have pictures of his patients in his practice is because he is normally not allowed to divulge information about his patients. If he would have a photograph of a respected person, he would not necessarily have a photograph of the diseased bodily part, but of the face.

I don't understand why you quote Mr Kabbaz about such a question nobody asks. Do you know somebody who says the wearer of the shirt is responsible for the fit of the shirt? It makes no sense. So your reference to Mr Kabbaz is in regard to an issue about which nobody has asked is quite superfluous (a windmill?). Please forgive me, but you remind me of a famous tragic-comic figure of Spanish literature, Don Quichotte. You have not explained why somebody should accuse the shirt wearer of guilt for the shirt construction. Presumably because it is nonsense to make such an accusation? As far as Mr Kabbaz and responsibility goes, ask him how he delivers the Swiss and Italian clothes he imports to sell to European customers. When I first asked him, he ignored me, but later he wrote me he ties those Italian socks and Swiss underwear, etc. to ducks who transport them over the Atlantic ocean to his clients in Europe. I know Mr Kabbaz often points out that he designed shirts for Michael Douglas, but he seems to have been inspired by McScrooge Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie.

PS: I have just been told that surgeons show photographs of operated patients (with permission of the person photographed) to third persons i.e. interested or prospective patients in the case of so-called aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, or for another example, disfiguration, etc. Such cases of outer appearance seem to me as layman more related to tailoring than the correction of hemorroids is to tailoring, even in the case of questionable quality which you expose here as frivolous, if not fraudulent, but you are the tailor, and I respect your judgment.

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 09:01 AM

Actually, I don't really care whether or not those claims of the Spanish tailors are true or not.

Some British (SR) and also Italian firms say more or less the same (but they skip the name dropping), either directly on their website or through "journalists" or bloggers who write about the "excellent" garment and service they have received.

This bragging and showing off with their "celebrity" clients is sadly very common these days, but it seems to lead to success.

However you want to call this "thing" napoli has going on with those tailors, my advice would be: Rise above it! They won't stop doing it, because for them it means business. And since their customers appear to be pleased with their garments, why worry.
I'm sure the SR and Neapolitan tailors worry little about them.
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Posted 14 March 2013 - 05:31 PM


Does anyone know whether it's typical for Huntsman coats to have a kind of extra 'bulge' right next to each armhole? That's at least what this photo (attachment) suggests, featuring Peter Smith, Huntsman's General Manger (left) and head cutter Patrick Murphy (right; centre is new owner Roubi l'Roubi btw.)

Is there any benefit to having that bulge? To my eyes it looks like a mistake, however, I wonder how their tailors created that bulge. Is it an excessively large dart, cut into the canvas from the armhole side, that creates this effect?

A photo in higher resolution is available here.

Here's a one-button, not unlike the one by Huntsman. It doesn't have the 'drape' and 'excess' in the chest. Can anybody date the period or type of manipulation that was used? Is there balance, or is the top too heavy?

Posted Image
Posted Image

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